ID Spectral / by Louis Sterling-Snell

We are honoured to announce the official launch of the new UK-based imprint ID Spectral.

Founded by recording artist Louis Sterling, AKA. Auxx, the multi-disciplinary arts collective has partnered with State 51 distribution, Resonance Extra, Cascabel Studio (London), and the University of Brighton - to provide a home for innovative and forward-thinking creatives that don’t have a place in the commercial market. 

To celebrate the launch of our imprint and fortnightly radio show, we will be releasing IDS001, the first of our series of compilations, featuring Ability II, Olivia Louvel, Yaporigami and more. It will be released on all major streaming platforms, and limited cassettes. 

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We are currently accepting unsolicited demos. For guidelines on submissions, please see the "about" page on our site.