Tonight : ID Spectral Soft-Launch by Louis Sterling-Snell

We are proud to announce the soft-launch of ID Spectral, a record label and multi-disciplinary arts collective that seeks to promote both up and coming and established artists as part of a new creative network. 

You will have the opportunity meet the people behind the label, learn more about the project, its partners, the official distribution contract, IDS radio and future plans as well as experience two unique live electronic music performances from the label’s artists. Attendees are invited to submit demos for consideration.

Live (A/V)

Distant Animals (Hallow Ground/IDS)

RHGT (Opal Tapes/Panatype)

Luke Vosper (IDS)

Free Entry :

The event is scheduled for Wednesday 26th of September at 6.30pm in the Grand Parade campus performance studio.

Introducing : Ikuko Morozumi by Louis Sterling-Snell


We are proud to announce that Tokyo-based industrial artist Ikuko Morozumi will be releasing her latest project 'Null' on ID Spectral.

Ikuko Morozumi - Null, is a two track EP that not only encompasses the industrial aesthetic of Ikuko's unique artistry, but is a project sits somewhere within the codex of the Matrix, sonically built of the same dystopian and futurist architecture to that of Blade Runner, or the avant garde ambience in Ex-Machina. The project is a synaesthetic experience, to say the least. 

"I wanted to get something of non-verbal communication as I worked on this EP" 

Previously releasing on imprints such as the infamous Detroit Underground, Mayoware Records and Future disorder, Ikuko has been a creative all of her life, producing works that have more than often been said to sit under the banner of 'Noise' and 'Glitch' music, compared to affiliated artists such as Yaporigami, Valance Drakes or the roster on Detund. When we asked Ikuko what her driving force and influences were behind her work as a contemporary artist, she went to mention :  

"Originally I liked the classics, but I began to adore Bjork and Chemical Brothers. After that I heard Ryoji Ikeda may be the chance. I also began to long for Raster Norton."

'"I heard lots of Yaporigami's sounds too. The influence of Raster Norton and Yaporigami is great in my sound."

Moreover, as we come to the release of 'Null' on ID Spectral, she tell IDS : 

"I have been getting old, but the quest for music still goes on. For that purpose I initialize the present and head towards "null point".

On Null, we find that genres and terms such as 'IDM', 'Glitch' or 'Noise' music cannot justify the outerworldly journey that Iku work pulls us through. The two track project is a futuristic simulation; a catastrophe, with an ambient musicality that she has so delicately produced into a body of art, topped by the stunning creative direction of multi-disciplinry artist Jedd Winterburn. 

'It is not difficult to live simple. I think that it is necessary to be flexible in sound and performance, so I just want to do what I want to do. And for that reason, we will also leave from the "null" (nothing, zero) point."


Ikuko Morozumi - Null (EP) will be made available worldwide on 31st August on all major online stores, including iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon and more. 

Pre-order exclusively on Bandcamp

To follow on from the release of her EP, Ikuko will also be featured on ID Spectral radio via. Resonance Extra London for a guest mix on the September 9th 2018, alongside IDS resident Mote. Follow for more information. 

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IDS : Open Call for Emerging Artists by Louis Sterling-Snell


In September 2018, we will be teaming up with Cascabel Studios for a live radio broadcast in collaboration with Resonance FM and Resonance Extra at their headquarters in London. 

We are selecting three emerging artists to participate in the live broadcast to perform some of their tracks live and take part in a live interview on their work as a contemporary artist. 

To be considered, submit three of your best tracks to us at All submissions must be sent in a private SoundCloud link.

 We look forward to hearing from you!

- IDS.



Listen to IDS001, the Official ID Spectral Launch Compilation by Louis Sterling-Snell

"Ability II has been a hugely influential bleep 'n' bass milestone" ( on Ability II)

"Auxx demonstrates that we are privy to something truly un-matched and admirable" (URBNET / Fontana on AUXX) 

"Yu Miyashita (aka Yaporigami) continues to baffle the ears.” (Igloo Magazine on Yaporigami)

“I listen to so many artists that wield a vivid sense of atmosphere, but London’s Anji Cheung goes one step further.” (ATTN Magazine on Anji Cheung)

ID Spectral records are to release their launch compilation on 02/08/18. The compilation album will feature over an hour of innovative and experimental music, from artists such as Aphex-twin approved artist Ability II, Anji Cheung, Yaporigami, Valance Drakes and BBC music's AUXX. The launch compilation marks the birth of the new label, introducing many promising young artists to their roster.

Listen to IDS001 on your preferred service :

ID Spectral is a UK based record label and multi-disciplinary arts collective promoting the sounds of innovative creatives worldwide. The multi-media imprint was founded by BBC supported artist Louis Sterling (aka. AUXX), with A&R assistance from Jamie Moore (aka. Mote), both of whom will feature on the compilation. The imprint is running out of Brighton, UK, having secured support from Resonance Extra and Radio Cascabel - as well as relationships with the State 51 Distribution and Frisson Radio.

ID Spectral are also running bi-weekly radio shows on Resonance Extra (, which will feature guest mixes from artists on the compilation, as well as regular mixes by the labels founders.

Expect impending updates about ID Spectral and our upcoming releases.

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IDS Feature : Hironori Nagatsuma by Louis Sterling-Snell


Feature by Jamie Moore. 

When you hear the term “ambient”, in the west - one might consider musicians such as Brian Eno, Aphex Twin or Harold Budd. However in Japan, there have been a vast amount of producers that have utilised musicality and the soundscape by means of cultural expression. 

Hironori Nagatsuma is an Ambient/Glitch artist and producer working out of Izunokuni, Japan. He has self-released 10 Compositions albums on his bandcamp page with the latest surfacing this May. His work focuses on the deconstruction of the voice, coupled with expansive sound design and refined, yet dynamic minimalism.

He also displays a keen eye for the visual arts, especially photography, with the release of his work often accompanied by series’ of vivid photographs of urban Japan, published on instagram. His music will feature in our upcoming compilation, and will be doing a guest mix of his own music for IDS on Resonance Extra on 25/7/18.

Interview : Hironori Nagatsuma

Your music juxtaposes jarring vocal glitch elements with smooth, airy synths, is there a deeper conceptual message behind the aesthetics of your work?

Each songs are produced to express something. I think human voice is an excellent instrument that evokes feelings. 

In genres such as electronica or noise music as well as pops, I think that those who likes it find some sort of melody in it. 

Human voice is used to express melody and emotion.

I totally agree with the expression of an airy synth. The fact that shapes are not clear, I think those things result from showing various forms depending on the viewpoint.

There is some thoughts in myself that the world is full of variety and interesting place and sometimes we cannot understand each other.

Was there a specific musical experience, or set of experiences, that motivated you to create the music that you do?

Thinking of the connection between sound and emotion, and the analysis of other people's songs. And creating the sounds that I use for tracks themselves is one of the motivations towards new expressions.

Could you give us a brief description of the electronic/experimental music scene in Japan, perhaps highlighting any differences to the scene here in the UK?

Although it does not change from before, I do not think that the scale of the Japanese scene is so big. 

However, recent SNS development has enabled direct connection with artists who I am interested and it is very convenient. 

Modular synths are getting popular in my surroundings.

I do not understand UK scenes well. Since we began acquiring music on the Internet, we often know the origin of the artist(s) afterwards.


Do you have a favourite track or album at the moment?

This year's album is "Oneohtrix Point Never / Age Of".

"More recently, I listen to old radio programs and radio communication sound on youtube regardless of countries. It is interesting that the atmosphere of the era is confined there.

What was your favourite record when you were younger?

  1. Alva Noto - Prototypes
  2. Mono Fontana - Ciruelo
  3. Charles Koechlin - Paysages et Marines Op.63
  4. Rino Cerrone - Rilis Label
  5. Rhythm & Sound – Rhythm & Sound

Are there any specific people, musicians or otherwise, that you find especially inspiring?

Artists taking no notice around them relentlessly pursuing their own expressions are stimulated regardless of genre.

If you had to compare your work to that of a visual artist, who would it be?

I can not answer because I do not have any knowledge about visual artists.

Is there a direction which you can see your music taking which you haven’t yet explored?

The use of acoustic instruments. Or making the simple instrument itself.

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Pre-order IDS001, the official ID Spectral launch compilation by Louis Sterling-Snell

ISD PS07.jpg

IDS001 - the official ID Spectral launch compilation, will be available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and all major retailers on 2nd August 2018.

Pre-order exclusively on Bandcamp ➥

Featuring : Hironori Nagatsuma | Yaporigami | Anji Cheung redhookgrainterminal | Akira & Mendaya | AUXX | Distant Animals | Ability II | Martia (Luke Vosper) | Mote (Jamie Moore) | | V∆l∆nc∑ Ðr∆kës | PJ Davy | Loraine James.

Creative direction by Jedd Winterburn




Distant Animals to Feature on IDS Launch Compilation by Louis Sterling-Snell


#IDS Artist | 007 :

We are incredibly proud to announce that Distant Animals will be featuring on the ID Spectral launch compilation.

"A true researcher of sound, Daniel Alexander-Hignell has recorded, written, performed and researched numerous socially-oriented sound works across Europe, often choosing to work with a diverse range of collaborators, including visual artists, choreographers, theologians, lawyers, and political activists.'" With his latest release "Lines" on Hallow Ground, and a more recent feature on the French Revue & Corrigée - he has blurred the lines between an experimental practise, pulling new and unique takes of jazz and modern classical, whilst drawing contemporary concepts of the soundscape.

Listen to Distant Animals :

Distant Animals Live at Brighton Modular : 

Anji Cheung to Feature on IDS Launch Compilation by Louis Sterling-Snell


#IDS Artist | 006 :

We are incredibly proud to announce that Anji Cheung will be featuring on the ID Spectral launch compilation.

With a truly unique approach to sound, the atmosphere of Anji's works has fallen under the umbrella of avant-garde music; more specifically the industrial, ambient and contemporary spectrum of electronic music. And it is by no surprise that through this she has gained the attention of The Quietus, NTS Radio, and ATTN magazine, accompanied by ritualistic live performances in spaces that inhibit the ethereal environments of her strong-bodied soundscapes. 

Listen to Anji Cheung :

Anji Cheung (NTS Radio) :